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Terms of Service

Refunds/Order Cancelation and Changes 

All sales are final and no refunds to the original payment method shall be given. Any balance paid shall be applied to customers' account or given as credit for future use so long as production has not begun. Due to the custom nature of our products and products being printed to order we do not offer refund credits unless incorrect/damaged items were delivered.

Order cancelation/change is a REQUEST and does not necessarily mean we can cancel or change the order and credit you. If you need to request an order cancelation/change, please do so IMMEDIATELY. If production has begun or you waited too long to request a cancelation/change, we will not be able to make changes or cancel the order. If you need to add more items to your order, but your order has already been processed or shipped, you will need to create a new order.

Refunds will also not be issued due to you not receiving an order on the date in which you need it. If for some reason an order arrives outside of the delivery window for which you paid, AND a delay in JYS processing your order is the cause of this issue, then and only then will JYS consider a remedy to resolve the issue. We will not consider refund requests for orders that have been processed to the printer or due to delays with FedEx. 


Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of our products, we do not accept returns. If you received wrong/missing/damaged items please see the section below. 

Wrong/Missing/Damaged Product Received 
Please inspect your order and contact us within 2 DAYS of receiving the item if there are ANY issues. If you do not contact us within those first 2 days of receiving the item, we can not process a replacement. Please email myjys.international@gmail.com and attach photos of the damaged items and shipping boxes. JYS will only consider a response to a damage claim when the damage impacts the actual artwork (where the ink is). Items that are bent are not considered damage and will receive no remedy. Additionally, a remedy will not be provided for issues reported that are related to the white margins. Occasionally, the print company will ask you to return the damaged items in question.

 Incorrect Shipping Address

JYS International is not responsible for items delivered to the incorrect address due to customer error at checkout. Please be sure to check your shipping address for accuracy prior to checking out. 

Sale and Promotional Item Conditions

We do not allow the combination of sale, discount, rewards points, or promotional items. This means you are only allowed to use one at a time. If we have a sale or promotion going on, you CAN NOT combine it with a discount from your rewards account or other items already discounted. In order for a sale/discount/promotion to apply, you must meet the conditions for the order. For example, if a sale is buy 5 sheets get 25% off your order, you must purchase the 5 sheets all on ONE order. We CAN NOT combine, cancel, or change orders that have already been placed in order to get the sale price. Our Sales last for a week and change out every Sunday morning, so please wait until then to see our new sales. THE CURRENT SALE PRICES (whatever sale is valid that week)  ARE VALID FROM SUNDAY 1:00 PM TILL SATURDAY 11:59 PM CST. TIMES ARE ONLY BASED ON CST. We can not comp your order for the sale price if it was placed the night before the sale NOR CAN WE COMP orders for the sale price after the sale ends on Saturday at 11:59 PM. PLACING ITEMS IN YOU CART BEFORE SUNDAY 1:00 PM BUT PURCHASING THE ORDER AFTER SUNDAY AT 1:00 PM CST DOES NOT STILL GIVE YOU THE PREVIOUS SALE PRICE THAT ENDED. You must PLACE AND PAY FOR THE ORDER BEFORE SATURDAY 11:59 PM TO GET THE SALE PRICE. Thank you for understanding. 



JYS will not be held responsible for any information shared on any social media forums and/or any potential harm that may come from using an alias on the JYS website or social media groups including but not limited to competitors, poachers, scammers, stalkers, or birds of prey.